InfraFit Slimming Center is a slimming therapy center located in Nad Al Hamar Avenues, Dubai, dedicated in helping its clients attains youthful skin and a well-sculpted body at affordable prices using cutting-edge technology. The Center is a one-stop shop for non-invasive cosmetic-medical treatments for cellulite, ageing symptoms and facial hydration provided by trained professionals.

Infrafit is a specialized fitness and slimming center for weight loss and body slimming solutions. Our core services are Infrabaldan, Slimpress and, B-Force.




You are always the prettiest with T-Shape 2, which restores the youth of your skin


Muscle Stimulation & Fat Metabolism.


 Pressotherapy for water retention, detoxification, slimming.


An advanced solution for all types of skin problems.

Aqua 3

Your advanced solution for fresh skin with Aqua 3 cleans.

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